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Along with collective prints from the Just City Reading Collective who met 35 weeks in a row from lockdown one, from all over the world, Half Way To Falling brings together so many legends <3 <3 Over the weeks we gathered over 40 people who came together online. The additional work in this exhibition is particularly influenced by working with the people named in the poster and the groups that are connected to each person. <3

It will launch online through Sample-Studios' Tactic Visual Arts Programme YouTube with a short film produced by O'Mordha Alec with performances by Siobhan Kavanagh and Craig Cox plus art work by The Just City Reading Collective, sculptural work by Aideen Farrell and Evelyn Broderick, print work by Emma O Hara, Lisa Crowne Leah Brown and myself.<3


The words I perform in this film are all majorly influenced by the mentorship of Rita Fagan, John Bisset and the constant support of Common Ground and all the epic collaborators I am working with in Dublin 8 and all over the place who come together on zoomland. Thank you so much Aoibhie McCarthy and Sinead Barrett of Sample-Studios who have made this exhibition happen on Fitzgerald Park for people to view through the windows of The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion <3


It will launch online with the film followed by a podcast with collaborators Eve Olney, John Bisset, Fionnuala O'Connell, Krini Kafiris, Siobhan Kavanagh and myself <3


This epic poster and the online platform is all made by the legend Lucia Pola. The online platform will also hold film work made for Half Way To Falling by Danny Brennan .And of course THERE WILL BE DANCING with Alessandra, Karen Aguiar of Go Dance For Change

Kate O'Shea


Half Way To Falling is a collaborative and collective response to Common Ground’s The Just City – Counter Narrative Neighbourhood Residency Award 2020 – 2021. This exhibition presents a series of collaborative printworks,  sculptural work, a film piece and responses by The Just City Collective.


Common Ground awarded Kate O’ Shea the Just City - Counter Narrative Neighbourhood Residency Award in March 2020, when Ireland entered its first period of lockdown. In April 2020, Kate O’ Shea established an online reading group of international activists, community workers, artists and academics from eight cities around the world. This has evolved into The Just City Collective

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